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CB|November 17, 2022
Former Coinbase Manager Arrested by Justice Department for Insider Trading
  • The Justice Department arrested a former Coinbase employee in the first case of cryptocurrency insider trading.
  • The employee, a former product manager, allegedly used his knowledge of asset listings to engage ...
CB|November 15, 2022
On Making Bitcoin Unstoppable
In June 2020, people in Ethiopia faced an unpleasant surprise; following unrest caused by the killing of musician and activist Hachalu Hundessa, the Ethiopian government successfully ordered a shutdown of ...
CB|November 13, 2022
Not Without Security Costs, Softchains Bring Two-Way Pegs and Potential Room for Use Cases
The Building Block The core of the idea builds on an earlier proposal by Somsen called PoW fraud proofs, a mechanism to improve simplified payment verification (SPV) security ...
CB|November 11, 2022
Binance Cuts Back From FTX Acquisition
  • Binance walks away from FTX deal following due diligence.
  • Firm also mentioned U.S. investigations of FTX.
  • Retail investors are left hanging without access to funds.
Binance will not move forward with the ...
CB|November 9, 2022
Why Bitcoin Maximalism Is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior
Recently, prominent venture capitalist, Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures, came under scrutiny on Bitcoin Twitter. He was piled on by Bitcoiners over controversy involving his firm's investment in a ...
CB|November 7, 2022
Is Bitcoin Price Still Correlated With Financial Markets?
Setting The Context: Global Economy Fundamentals The economy is still recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak as new problems arise. We are now in a time of rampant inflation with central ...
CB|November 5, 2022
Sidechain Node Operators Allowed by Drivechains to Pay Miners to Mine
This time Im going to be breaking down and discussing how drivechains work; they were initially proposed in 2015. Out of all the proposals discussed so far, drivechains are the ...
CB|November 3, 2022
On How to Use Bitcoin to Establish VPN Connections Without Trusted Third Parties
Bitcoin is undoubtedly the world's newest form of money. Governed by no central authority and controlled by no one, it represents the financial rescue that the world is looking for. ...
CB|November 1, 2022
Newcomer's Perspective On Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism
I was recently inspired after reading Tomer Strolight's piece, "Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic - They Have Integrity." For context, I read it a few days after Nic Carter's "situation" really ...
CB|October 30, 2022
Since Bitcoin Is Considered Property In the UK, Reclaiming Ransomed Assets Sent to Exchanges Is Much Easier
This is an opinion editorial by Matthew Green and Brian Sanya Mondoh, contributors for Bitcoin Magazine. With all the available cryptocurrencies, including anonymity-designed bytecoin, monero and zcash, ransomware attackers continue ...
CB|October 27, 2022
Lightning Payments Being Made Private Again With pLN
Using Lightning Privately With Tony And @FuturePaul: Tony: "Theres a fine line between educating and being doom and gloom. People need to be educated that its not perfect and theres ...
CB|October 25, 2022
P2P Digital Communications Indroduced by Keet and Will Integrate Bitcoin Payments
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and USDT stablecoin issuer Tether have collaborated with the Hypercore open-source protocol team to launch a new peer-to-peer (P2P) communications application, Keet. Keet allows a given set ...
CB|October 22, 2022
How The New York Times Could Have Made Millions Of Dollars the Using Lightning Network
To understand why the New York Times could have made so much more money last year, it's worth appreciating micropayments in the context of the Lightning Network. We usually think ...
CB|October 20, 2022
The Bitcoin Revolution Can Learn From the American Revolution
This is the seldom told story of Samuel Adams, and how he became a "paradigm-buster," even though he'd never heard of a paradigm. Most of us only know Samuel Adams ...
CB|October 18, 2022
Why Federated Sidechains Are Bitcoin's Original Upgradeable Sidechain Implementation
Federated sidechains are currently the only deployed type of Bitcoin sidechain (the most recent paper here ). The idea of using a federated peg and consensus system was actually an ...
CB|October 14, 2022
Bitcoin Rewards for Solitaire, Sudoku Games Launched by ZEBEDEE, VIKER
  • ZEBEDEE has partnered with VIKER to bring bitcoin rewards to three classic video games.
  • Solitaire, Sudoku and Missing Letters will begin rewarding players in bitcoin on ZEBEDEE's mobile app.
  • Users can earn ...
CB|October 12, 2022
How Can Fedimints Help Bitcoin Scale to the World?
I. E-Cash Strikes Back Thirty three years ago, the computer scientist David Chaum launched e-cash, a new way for people to spend digital dollars without revealing their personal information. Users ...
CB|October 10, 2022
Bill for Tax Exemption on Small Bitcoin Transactions Introduced by U.S. Senators
  • The Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act seeks to provide tax exemption for transactions up to $50 or trades which net a capital gain of less than $50.
  • Senators Patrick Toomey and ...
CB|October 8, 2022
Why to Withdraw Your Bitcoin From Exchanges
Why should I withdraw my bitcoin from an exchange? If you have to ask permission to use what's yours, it's not truly yours. Have you ever heard the phrase "Not ...
CB|October 6, 2022
On Why Bitcoin Is a CDS on the Fed
The latest consumer price index (CPI) print came out at a shocking 9.1% ( 9.8% in cities ), and many speculators expected bitcoin's price to "moon." What happened was the ...
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