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CB|September 20, 2022
Crypto Services In Dubai, Komainu Receives Provisional License for Bitcoin
  • Komainu has received provisional approval to offer institutional bitcoin and cryptocurrency custody services in Dubai.
  • The company is a joint venture by $471 billion Nomura Bank, CoinShares and Ledger.
  • Komainu is considered ...
CB|September 18, 2022
The Price of Principles by Dr. Bitcoin
Look Ma, No Hands I've wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. When I was seven years old, my father bought me a bicycle for ...
CB|September 16, 2022
Kraken and Coinbase Under Investigation By U.S. Regulators
  • Coinbase is reportedly under investigation by the SEC.
  • The investigation is meant to determine if the company listed cryptocurrencies that should have been considered securities.
  • Kraken reportedly is under investigation by the ...
CB|September 14, 2022
How Bitcoin Shatters the Illusion on the Greatest Trick Ever Played
The devils finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist. - Charles Baudelaire "The second greatest trick was convincing the world he is good." - Ken Ammi ...
CB|September 12, 2022
One Year Of Bitcoin and Counting in El Salvador
El Salvador made history last year when the country adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. The decision gave legitimacy to what many of us have known for a long time - ...
CB|September 10, 2022
Santander a Banking Giant to Offer Bitcoin and Crypto Services In Brazil
  • Santander Brazil will begin offering services for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in coming months.
  • The CEO said the bank will release more details by or before its next quarterly results report.
  • The ...
CB|September 8, 2022
Mining Operations Bitcoin ASIC Maker Canaan to Launch In the United States
  • ASIC manufacturer Canaan is set to launch bitcoin mining operations in the U.S.
  • The company recently started self-mining in Kazakhstan where it has deployed over 10,000 miners.
  • Ending Q1 2022, the company ...
CB|September 6, 2022
Why Africa Is Poised for a Bitcoin Mining Boon
Mining headlines are typically filled with mentions of North America and Asia, with occasional mentions of Latin America. But another region of the world is showing some unnoticed signs of ...
CB|September 4, 2022
Report on How Babel Finance Lost $280 Million, 8,000 BTC of Customer Funds
  • Babel Finance lost $280 million of customer funds from unhedged trading.
  • The amount includes 8,000 BTC.
  • Babel is seeking a restructure through convertible debt that would see creditors become shareholders.
Babel Finance, ...
CB|September 2, 2022
FTX Bitcoin Exchange Wins Full Approval to Operate In Dubai
  • FTX exchange received approval to operate exchange and clearinghouse services in Dubai.
  • The company will build a regional headquarters in the city.
  • A subsidiary of FTX operating in Europe and the Middle ...
CB|August 31, 2022
Honduras Launches Bitcoin Valley Hub
A local bitcoin hub has been launched in the tourist town of Santa Lucia, Honduras. Coined Bitcoin Valley, the private initiative aims to create a circular Bitcoin economy and increase ...
CB|August 29, 2022
Why Bitcoin Is the Lifeboat When Hurricanes Make Landfall
Bitcoin Maximalism is perceived by many as a "toxic" trait, a brand of culture war waged by veteran holders, OGs and whales who will do anything to pump their bags. ...
CB|August 27, 2022
On the Defense of Bitcoin Full Reserve, Not Anti-Credit, But Anti-Fiduciary Media
The debate rages on about what the proper roles of bitcoin, "crypto" and lending should be. What kind of credit should we have, if any? What is fiduciary media and ...
CB|August 25, 2022
Why the Next Step to Widespread Bitcoin Adoption Is Community Banks
Over the years, Bitcoin has continually proven itself as a robust asset with a predictable supply that can be swiftly transferred instantly for a low fee over the Lightning Network. ...
CB|August 23, 2022
The New Renaissance On Bitcoin's Quiet Revolution
"You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will ...
CB|August 21, 2022
Why Bitcoin Can Help Muslims Follow the Teachings Of The Quran
Before diving into the topic of Bitcoin, it's important to explore what the sin of "riba" actually is, and how it's entrenched in the current global monetary system. Riba is ...
CB|August 19, 2022
Why Bitcoin Helps Us Overcome Probability-Based Energy Systems
Imagine if you will, a seller of items that only worked under certain weather conditions. A car that only drives when it's sunny. A heater that only works when it's ...
CB|August 17, 2022
Why Bitcoiners Play Musical Chairs While Fiat Users Are Playing Hot Potato
The economy can be thought of as a complex orchestra. Industry sectors are represented by the choir, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. These sectors are all working together as harmoniously ...
CB|August 15, 2022
Bitcoin Miners Face a Trilemma of Variables In Order to Be Successful
It would be fair to say that I entered the world of bitcoin mining through the backdoor. Prior to 2017, I'd had limited exposure to Bitcoin. That changed when I ...
CB|August 13, 2022
Why the Attacks On Farming and Bitcoin are Connected
Our society today is plagued by a trust problem. The institutions that govern our world are built on trust while they have now proven to be untrustworthy. On February 11, ...
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