Dream Robbers: The Fiat Economy's Assault on Meaning

Have you ever felt like your dreams were slipping away? Think back to when you were a child, filled with aspirations of making a real difference in the world. You wanted to change things for the better, leave your mark on history. But as you grew older, the harsh realities of the fiat economy, especially fiat companies, began to reshape your ambitions. You started to see your childhood dreams as naive fantasies, unattainable in the "real world."

Instead of chasing those big dreams, you settled for the next promotion, the bigger car, the nicer house - just slightly better versions of what you already had. You became ensnared in the materialistic trap set by the fiat system. Is this all there is to life? Chasing superficial achievements in a meaningless game, instead of pursuing the grand visions of your youthful self? You find yourself striving for a little more status among people you don't even like, working yourself to exhaustion for it. The pursuit of what truly gives meaning to your life seems like a distant memory, buried beneath the weight of the rat race. It's easier to lose yourself in distractions like video games, pornography, or social media.

People gravitate towards fiat pursuits because they seem like the only realistic options available. They convince themselves they're striving for something good, even when it's essentially rent-seeking behavior at its worst. Your dreams haven't just been altered; they've been debased. And this debasement of your dreams is a debasement of your life.

The Meaning of Life: Stripped Away by Fiat

Throughout history, most people found meaning in pursuits greater than themselves. Whether it was family, community, or religion, they found purpose in contributing to something larger than their individual selves. Building a lasting legacy - through raising children, building communities, or spreading ideas - was what gave their lives meaning.

Family, community, and religion formed the bedrock of civilization. They provided the framework for society to thrive. Building required diverse skills and talents. The hard work invested had value because the creations endured.

Consider the cathedrals of Europe, built over generations with volunteer labor. Many who contributed wouldn't live to see their completion, but it mattered because these structures represented something lasting. But it wasn't just cathedrals; family legacies and enduring community organizations were equally meaningful.

Fast forward to today. Many work for companies that collapse within a few years, or they're part of zombie companies surviving on government subsidies. Our homes are not built to last. Research is often driven by rent-seeking motives rather than the pursuit of truth. Fiat money has accelerated the decline of meaningful pursuits and debased these sources of purpose.

The remnants of meaning - family, community, religion - still exist but have been tarnished, especially in the last 50 years. Families shrink, communities become more isolated, and religion is infiltrated by fiat culture.

The Rise of Fiat Substitutes: Education, Companies, and Politics

Fiat education has replaced the role of family in instilling values and skills. Traditionally, families passed down values and skills through generations. Each family had an identity, a set of values and traditions. But now, fiat education has taken over this role. Your alma mater matters more than your family name because it's where you acquire values and skills.

This substitution is supposed to be fairer, but it's a method of instilling compliance with the state. Values have become uniform, and progress often moves in directions contrary to traditional family values. Identity is increasingly tied to ideological camps with little room for diversity.

Moreover, values change with each generation based on the whims of the ruling elites. The state dictates what values and skills are passed down, leading to widespread compliance. Compliance, however, is a poor substitute for the genuine virtues fostered within families.

Fiat companies have replaced real communities. True communities are where people know each other, trade goods and services, and build together without needing permission from higher authorities. Community values are enforced through social norms. But companies, with their top-down structures and focus on profit, foster a culture of power-seeking rather than community building.

Incentives within companies are skewed, leading to rampant rent-seeking behavior. Achieving success within these structures often means sacrificing everything else - time with family, personal well-being - for superficial gains that hold no lasting value.

Politics has become a substitute for real religion, providing a shallow sense of meaning through ideological rhetoric. The pursuit of power and control has replaced the pursuit of truth and wisdom. Science, once a noble pursuit of knowledge, has become politicized, driven by agendas rather than objective inquiry.

Fiat money has tainted every aspect of our lives that once held meaning. Our pursuit of dreams, once noble and virtuous, has been reduced to a hollow game of compliance and status-seeking.

Bitcoin: A Beacon of Hope

Bitcoin offers a way out of this bleak landscape. By enabling savings and providing a long-term perspective, Bitcoin frees our minds from the shackles of fiat thinking. We can once again dream of leaving lasting legacies, of contributing meaningfully to civilization.

Bitcoin maximalists, often maligned by mainstream society, embody this shift towards meaningful pursuits. They understand that true meaning comes from individual action, not from political programs or corporate ladder climbing.

Traditional sources of meaning - family, community, religion - are experiencing a resurgence among those who embrace Bitcoin. People are rediscovering the virtues of family, engaging with their communities, and finding solace in spirituality. Bitcoin enables us to pursue dreams that have been stifled by the fiat system.

In a world where fiat falsehoods threaten to suffocate our dreams, Bitcoin offers a glimmer of hope. It's time to reclaim our sense of purpose and pursue meaningful lives, unbound by the constraints of the fiat economy.