Bitcoin Meetups are events for many people, showcasing the latest developments, products, etc. But most importantly it brings thousands of like-minded Bitcoin enthusiasts to meet in person and discuss the future. These events weren't always hugethey grew over time.

For the last two years, because of government lockdowns, vaccine mandates and COVID-19, many of these in-person events were not able to take place. Many of the events were forced to happen over Zoom. Thankfully, we live in a time where there is technology that can help us stay connected and allow such topics to persist, but one key element is lost. Human face-to-face interaction. There is no amount of Zoom calls that can capture when people meet in person and share in the "AH HA!" moment. When all that solo brainstorming finally comes together because you met another person, and a certain question was asked or someone suggested something that you alone couldnt think of yourself.

How To Meet?

There are plenty of Bitcoin meetups out there if you search for them; if there arent then I suggest you be the one that starts one in your local area. First place to start to see if there are any in your area is Meetup, a great source to find Bitcoin Meetups in your area. For example, in my area, there is Longmont Bitcoin, Bitcoin Beer and Denver BitDevs. These are just a few examples of the Meetup groups I am in, and there are a handful more in my area as well. Second source, is asking your Bitcoin buddy whos been nagging you to "buy the dip" forever, and then you will also know where hes been disappearing to once a week.

Why Meet In-person?

These in-person meetups are great for everyone from Bitcoin beginners to long-time veterans. There is always something that can be learned at these events. Now, whatever group you join, you will learn the environment and knowledge level of those around you. As such, the groups I stated above vary: some are just to meet, have a beer and do some catching up about events and news surrounding Bitcoin. Denver BitDev, however, discusses a deeper technical level of developments that are coming out in the space. You too will learn about your group and those that attend, just remember to keep an open mind at these events. Everyone is there for the same reason - to talk about Bitcoin and everything surrounding it. It is incredible to see the excitement from people engaging in, questions, sharing of ideas, or their knowledge. Again, this is meant for any skill level, dont feel or be intimidated by it. Just jump on in and I guarantee you will find yourself having some great conversation with just about anyone on any level.

Now Go Meet!

Now that the mandates have been mostly lifted, get up and get out there! Maybe get a new attire, a cut or new hairdo, some dry cleaning thats been sitting there for two years. Whatever it is, just GO! Attend these Bitcoin meetups, learn, share, collaborate, be open-minded and above all, participate. You never know whom you will meet or what you will learn next. The Bitcoin community is thriving. Participation is what helps push adoption and product developments. So go, be part of it.