Swan Bitcoin has announced Bitcoin Canon, a new platform of educational Bitcoin content curated by Bitcoiners to bring high-quality information to the masses.

"Over the years, we have seen the educational resources in the Bitcoin space grow in both quality and quantity," Swan's VP of education and marketing, Brady Swenson, said in a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine. "The goal with the Bitcoin Canon is to collect and organize the best bitcoin content on the web in one place so it's more easily accessible and shareable for beginners and experts alike."

Bitcoin Canon aims to become the go-to hub for Bitcoin resources by employing a collaborative approach to submitting, cataloging, and sharing core knowledge about the complex peer-to-peer (P2P) monetary system.

"We hope that the Bitcoin Canon becomes the most recommendable resource to learn and share Bitcoin resources to further drive the worlds understanding of this revolutionary technology," Swenson added.

The platform leverages the concept of Rabbit Holes to separate content by topic, ranging from the economics of Bitcoin to the intricacies involved in using the currency privately. Each Rabbit Hole works as a collection on Bitcoin Canon, featuring a list of resources focused on a specific topic curated by Bitcoiners.

The Bitcoin Canon platform enables users to browse through different topics about Bitcoin and select the Rabbit Hole they would like to dive deep into. Photo courtesy of Swan Bitcoin.

"These curated lists will help shine a spotlight on the greatest pieces of work created by the brightest minds throughout Bitcoin's history," Swenson said.

Swan Bitcoin founder and CEO Cory Klippsten told Bitcoin Magazine that at launch, his company will seed the initiative with submissions from well-known people in the Bitcoin community, however, the goal is to turn Bitcoin Canon into an open platform "very soon" - enabling anyone globally to create their own Rabbit Hole.

"The [Bitcoin Canon's] next iteration will open up our curated database of over 1,000 of the best Bitcoin educational content in the world," Swenson added. "It will be searchable by keywords and topics. Eventually anyone will be able to create as many Rabbit Holes as they like."