• ZEBEDEE announces new streaming tool, ZBD Streamer, allowing creators to accept bitcoin-tips on all streaming platforms.
  • Streamers will be able to create custom animations for donations coming in from multiple platforms at once without incurring fees.
  • ZBD Streamer allows users to create a cyclical process of spending and earning bitcoin by allowing users to earn while playing and spend while watching.

Bitcoin-only gaming company ZEBEDEE is entering the creator economy with their new tool, ZBD Steamer, which will allow streamers to accept bitcoin-tips straight to their wallets, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Creators will be able to take advantage of ZBD Streamers platform agnosticism, which means streamers from Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms will be able to accept bitcoin tips, all without fees.

"A major focus for how we built ZBD Streamer was making sure it is highly accessible and can work on any streaming platform," says Andre Neves, co-founder and CTO at ZEBEDEE. "Open systems and interoperability are at the very core of ZEBEDEE, so we're excited to bring a completely platform agnostic product to content creators and their audiences."

Audience members who wish to tip creators in bitcoin will simply scan a QR code and utilize a supported Bitcoin-Lightning wallet to send the tip. Once a tip has been initiated, a custom GIF presented in an animation with customizable fonts and colors, as well as displaying the amount donated which creators have the freedom to set a maximum and minimum amount. $0.0004 is the lowest minimum that can be set which allows for an extremely affordable use, as ZEBEDEE collects no fees.

"We decided to start with tipping, because that is the most obvious use case, but plan on releasing more exciting and highly innovative features to ZBD Streamer soon," said Neves in the release.

The addition of this streaming tool allows the creation of a bitcoin circular economy in which users can earn and spend bitcoin in their gaming communities. One representation of this is ZBD Cart, a kart racing game that allows hosts of each game to pay participants of the match in bitcoin. The bitcoin earned through playing games with the community can then be used for tipping and the betterment of the gaming community.