• ZEBEDEE has partnered with VIKER to bring bitcoin rewards to three classic video games.
  • Solitaire, Sudoku and Missing Letters will begin rewarding players in bitcoin on ZEBEDEE's mobile app.
  • Users can earn bitcoin for free and can transfer their bitcoin off the platform or spend it.

ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin-only fintech infrastructure provider for the gaming industry, has partnered with mobile gaming studio VIKER to enable play-to-earn bitcoin rewards on three classic video games, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Solitaire, Sudoku, and Missing Letters will all provide bitcoin rewards on the Lightning Network through ZEBEDEE's mobile application. No technical knowledge of bitcoin, wallets or any other piece of infrastructure of the ecosystem is necessary to earn bitcoin rewards through these games, as ZEBEDEE's application processes everything under the hood for its users. Players can withdraw their bitcoin rewards from the application or spend the money through ZEBEDEE's virtual economy.

"There is no better way to introduce next-generation Play-and-Earn mechanics to a broad gaming audience than to take the games people already know and love and refresh them with Bitcoin, seamlessly and unobtrusively," said Simon Cowell, CEO at ZEBEDEE, per the release. "We've seen this work with a wide array of games on our platform, but this new slate of integrations is even more significant, as these titles have seen basically no meaningful innovation in many years."

VIKER is a long-time partner of ZEBEDEE. The two companies previously worked together to bring bitcoin rewards to Wheel of Trivia, Amazeballs and Balls King. The success of these games integrating bitcoin rewards encouraged a similar approach with these more classic games with the intention of capturing a larger audience.

"With over a third of the world's population identifying as a gamerwhether behind the controller, keyboard or phonethere is no end in sight to how much farther this innovative partnership has left to run," said Cowell.

Recently, ZEBEDEE was backed by the AAA gaming studio Square Enix Entertainment.